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2000 - 2002




words, don't fail me now


Studies medicine. (Yes, that is misleading.) More to the point, studies doctors.

He is examining how best to help GlaxoSmithKline communicate more effectively with its audience of (harried) physicians.

Designs advanced prototype for an interactive CME (Continuing Medical Education) DVD. Elegant and dramatic, it demonstrates new ways to "sell" (indirectly) to a demanding, resistant market.

At the other end of the creative spectrum, where Disney's expectations are nothing short of fantastical, he designs interactive media-kits which are fun, colorfully functional. "The best we've ever seen!" they say.

But his most challenging, most flummoxing project, the one that keeps him writing and rewriting late into the night, is the development of his first novel.

A test of endurance, a measure of stubborn-minded passion.